Dr. Karin Häring, EUFH

(Professor of Leadership & Human Resource Development)

ESKODIA project manager 

Head of the "Training of social competencies and management techniques" area

Department of General Management

Chair for Leadership & Human Resource Development


Tel.:  +49 (0) 2232/5673 626


Dr. Axel Grandpierre, EUFH 

(Professor of Human Resource Management)

ESKODIA deputy project manager

Program head, Master Human Resource Management

Department of General Management

Chair for Human Resource Management


Tel.: +49 (0) 2232/5673 730


Prof. Dr. Ute Gartzen-Wiegand, EUFH

ESKODIA project manager (on parental leave)

Program head, General Management 2+3 Aachen

Department of General Management

Chair for Industry Management, especially Production


Tel.: +49 (0) 241/475771 650


Felix Mynarek, M. A., EUFH

Research associate

Department of General Management


Tel.: +49 (0) 2232/5673 625



Campus Brühl
Kaiserstraße 6 │ Comesstraße 1-15
50321 Brühl

Campus Neuss
Hammer Landstraße 89
41460 Neuss

Campus Aachen
Kapuzinergraben 19
52062 Aachen