The content design of the ESKODIA app is finished, and technical implementation is moving along well. With this app, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to determine their competency and qualification needs. In addition, the app will provide a realistic manufacturing environment for analysis and development of a standards profile.


The ESKODIA project has identified various competency requirements in maintenance, intralogistics, and assembly. In all three areas, the competencies of openness for change, readiness to learn, and results-oriented action are central. In addition, problem-solving ability is a necessary competency in intralogistics and assembly. For maintenance and assembly, the competency of ability to work in teams is likewise decisive. Moreover, the competency of organization skills is needed in maintenance, as is self-management in intralogistics and cooperativeness in assembly.

The app interrogates these competencies by means of distinctive items and so determines a competency profile along with the related qualification needs.