Karin Häring, Axel Grandpierre and Felix Mynarek wrote an article with the title ESKODIA: Development of Self-Organization Competencies in Industry 4.0 for the anthology The Role of Employees' Competencies in the Digital Workplace, edited by Simone Kauffeld, Inga Truschkat and Ralf Knackstedt. The article illuminates the increasing pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises resulting from increasing digitalization of production processes. This raises questions, such as: How can the growing demands for self-organization and machine coordination be met in the future? What competencies are needed in the Work 4.0 environment? To answer these questions, the ESKODIA research project surveyed work and responsibility profiles in several SMEs in the areas of assembly, maintenance, and intralogistics.


The same anthology includes an article by Felix Mynarek and Michael Jahr with the title Management of Effective Agile Learning Processes through Digitalized Personnel Planning in SMEs, in which the authors show possibilites to implement learning opportunities in organizations.


An article by Felix Mynarek, Jennifer Steckel, Axel Grandpierre, and Karin Häring is currently in peer review for the journal Zeitschrift für Arbeitswissenschaft. Based on a literature review, the authors examine the importance of individual and collective learning for transformation processes in organizations.


Also in peer review is an article for the Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung by Axel Grandpierre and Dirk Wollenweber on the relevance of collective effectiveness convictions for the success of agility-promotion processes. 


Axel Grandpierre, Karin Häring, and Felix Mynarek are working on an article for the journal Weiterbildung that discusses conditions which promote learning in and learning by organizations. The article should be finished by the end of the year.