Second Action Group Meeting in November 2020

Action Group 2 "Continuing education and qualification offerings for and through digitalization" met again digitally on November 12, 2020, to discuss the status of projects as well as the next steps.


The goal: definition of a structural framework to be used by all project teams for publications in an anthology of the Springer book series “Kompetenzmanagement in Organisationen” (Competence Management in Organizations).


All projects were represented in the second meeting of the Action Group: IN-DIG-O, aStar, DigiKomp-Ambulant, InnoDiZ and, of course, ESKODIA

Dr. Karin Häring, Dr. Axel Grandpierre, and Felix Mynarek provided an overview on the progress of projects since the first Action Group meeting in May 2020. That included, in particular, the first data collection in the researched companies in June and August as well as the planned design for research in the demonstration factory Demofabrik. Presentations on the other projects showed that all faced similar challenges. Currently, this includes the increased difficulty of gathering data in companies, which are struggling in various ways with the consequences of the Corona pandemic. The discussion was intense and constructive, and the Action Group was ultimately able to agree on a structural framework for publications.