“It's all digital, isn't it? World of Work 4.0"

This video gives you a look at Demofabrik Aachen (DFA). Demonstration Factory Aachen (Demofabrik Aachen) provides a real production environment, in which the shop floor of the future can be designed. 


Together with the technicians of our application partners Ph-Mechanik, AUT-TECH and LBBZ, the Demonstration Factory Aachen offers an opportunity to enter a digitalized environment as will be required in the future by Industry 4.0 and to investigate processes empirically. 


In addition, you will learn what questions ESKODA works on (00:10), what processes our research project focuses on (01:03), what role the demonstration factory plays in the research project (01:38), how the interaction is specifically implemented in the project (02:39), how far advanced digitalization is at the application partners (04:51), what benefits ESKODIA has for the application partners (05:37), and what the application partners’ motivation was for participating in ESKDOIA (06:39).